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How home automation can help you ....

Updated: May 20, 2020

Almost every electrical device and system in your home can be Automated. Managed via a smart device or touch panel, centralized or autonomous control has never been so easy. This provides you to with improved convenience, comfort , and energy efficiency. Think of Mars Automation system as a unseen housekeeper who’s always there to give you a helping hand


(a) Make the use of scenes & Rules : For instance, setting a good evening scene helps makes your sprinklers water the lawn, a porch light at the front door switch on, shut down the curtains, etc. and the same way you can also set a good night scene and set multiple devices to work and respond for a single touch.

(B) Take advantage of modes : Imagine if you can set your home into a deep sleep mode, which makes only fewer devices to work, and set modes like night mode, children sleep mode, etc. For instance, if you set the mode for your kids, lights turn off, TV and monitor shut down automatically, and even blinds go down as an indication for the children to sleep.

(C) Tune the temperature: You can preset the modes of the thermostat and adjust the temperature accordingly. Set different modes of temperature to work; therefore, to the weather changes. For instance, if the temperature is high, your AC reduces the temperature automatically and vice versa; this makes the homeowner overcome the need to adjust the temperature, often making the home more energy-efficient.

(D) Monitor Statistics timely : Know what’s happening in the home, monitor the energy usage of each room or each device in the App. This helps you to understand where the energy is being consumed more or getting wasted and where it needs to be optimized.

( E) Set the Smart Switch : Controlling your smart light is easy. You can control all the devices in the room from a single tap. Whether it is turning them ON/OFF or activating according to the moods – everything is possible with the touch of a single switch or through the App.

(F) Peace of mind : Though, the initial cost of setting up a smart home may be expensive but living in one, will only give you peace of mind. It strengthens home security, i.e. from locking the doors to checking the kid’s room with the cameras to providing complete control on all of your home devices such as turning on or off a gadget to setting it on an auto-mode thus, giving the residents a good night’s sleep

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